Tips and ways to shrink belly fat

Here are tips on how to shrink belly fat and lose belly fat to lose weight:
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-Perform regular exercise to shrink the stomach at a time when the morning and afternoon, to get the most out doing sports or add cardiovascular such movements: knee circle, side chop, upper body crunch, back extension (Ask your fitness instructor to perform motion-movement)
- Follow-calorie diet program specifically to streamline the stomach to keep calorie consumption does not exceed 1600 calories
- Consumption of fat with the best as the fat contained in olive oil, avocados, dark chocolate and nuts (monounsaturated fat, MUFA)
- Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber probiotics to facilitate the digestive process
- Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day to expedite the process of metabolism
- Avoid junk foods that contain lots of sugar, white flour and soft drinks and alcoholic
- Drink herbal teas that serve to detoxify and help boost metabolism
- Set healthy Menu Foods
- Add food nutritional supplement or diet program during the run to maintain stamina and vitality
- Do the exercises of yoga, tai chi or pilates to avoid the stress that would hinder your diet program.

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Alina said...

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paul Deman said...

You can only achieve your desired weight with proper exercise. Simple 30 minutes walking is a good start. Jogging with sit ups, push ups will do also.

Diet Tips

paul Deman said...

We can reach our goal in a proper way of losing weight. Just eat the right food and make a regular exercise. Stay healthy because health is wealth.

Diet Tips

Lster9 said...

I think this is good advice for those trying to lose weight, but the person in the pictures looks too skinny(I'm sorry if that's you and I've offended you). I can't believe how some people think they "have" to go on crazy diets to shrink themselves down to skeletons when they're almost always the perfect size. I'm not saying you're encouraging this kind of diet, because you're not, but this is my opinion and I want to get it across because I think that that kind(I don't mean your kind) of diet should be seriously discouraged.

Mr Lix said...

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Thanks again